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Coco Steamboat

“Still The Best Pork Bone Soup In Town” Review By Customer 

8 Hours. 

That's The Coco Way

The beauty in Coco Steamboat, for us is in our exclusive use of alkaline water for boiling & dedicating our menu to our handmade products.  Nourishing pork bone broth, juicy meatball, flavourful dumpling, piping hot fried appetizers.. Prepared fresh everyday in our kitchen, it’s a commitment that continues to bring us joy to continue the tradition.

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Use your pork bone! Sign up to the Coco Steamboat Club to get one half portion of slice pork belly as a welcome gift & collect bone stamps on every visit to enjoy ongoing freebies and rewards. 

Coco Steamboat'sHotpot
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Just like the essence it carries, steamboat serves as a beautiful everyday reminder of warmth and gratitude that enriches our lives. A reminder to stop for a moment and taste the symphony of flavours that nourish your body and soul. Discover your dish on our menu. 

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Coco Steamboat
Coco Steamboat
Coco Steamboat


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Coco Steamboat
Coco Steamboat

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Get in touch if you’d like to hold a special event at Coco Steamboat

Looking for a venue for a special event for parties or corporate dinners of 30 or more? We can help you reserve a space, tailored to your preferences and budget to make your event easy! Get in touch and let us help you plan!

What Our Diners Say About Us

The most preferred steamboat. The fried prawn and chicken is delicious. The soup is nice but you have to add more spices to make it better. I would suggest the shop to prepare minced garlic, fried scallops.The rest is just nice

Cindy Yii

Best steamboat (or artisanal hotpot) in KL! Better than hai di lao on any day.

Must order their shrimp paste crispy pork and crispy fish tofu. We also had their iberico sliced pork belly and sliced snow beef, which were moist, tender, juicy and yet does not cost you a fortune. Goes well with any of their soup base. To end your steamboat meal on a happier note, I'd suggest indulging in their coconut ice cream.

Overall, a very satisfying meal. 10/10 would come back again.

Jocelyn Yu

Pork bone soup is a must try!
Ling Ling tofu, mushroom meat balls and prawn paste was some of our favourite. Their mixed sauces were super good as well!

Venue is well ventilated and organised.

Location wasn’t easy to locate, so look out for drop off point B to arrive at the shop directly.

Lu Jiale

Coco Steamboat's handmade foods
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