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Tradition. 8 Hours.         Broth. Essence.

That's The Coco Way

COCO STEAMBOAT is a local hotpot brand preserving the traditions of their ancestry hotpot and its reverence for health and nourishment.  Coco Steamboat Malaysia traces its roots back to the hometown of Bukit Koman in Raub, Pahang. For three generations,  Mr&Mrs Wong have safeguarded and shared the treasures of their family’s  "chhit-kâ-ngìn" (自家人) meaning "(one)self's family" Hakka secret recipe that now graces the vibrant dining scenes in Kuala Lumpur. Their unwavering commitment to quality has made them a cherished local hotpot brand in the vibrant Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2005.


The Coco

Experience Our 8-Hour Boiled Pork Bone Soup

Nurturing vitality, embracing tradition. Guided by health-preserving principles, to uphold centuries-old principles of well-being. Our broths are made fresh everyday simmered for 8 hours with real ingredients daily. Exceptional quality & value for money - that's the Coco way!


Making hotpot the Coco way is a long, time-consuming craft. Made daily; our soups, handmade meatball, sauce  to dumpling, every aspect of our hotpot is thoughtfully calibrated. Guided by the traditional principles of hotpot’s health-preserving theory, our creation embodies the essence of well-being, nurturing vitality and offering warmth to all.  This is just one of our everyday rituals so that you can enjoy our hotpot more than just a meal.


No Shortcuts, Just Handmade

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The ritual of Coco Steamboat kitchen

Preserving Healthful Heritage, Elevating Hotpot

As the third-generation hakka in Malaysia, our food philosophy is deeply influenced by our Hakka Dongguan roots. We believe in being precise and thoughtful in every step of making our hot pot. From the delicious soup to the well-balanced seasonings, we dedicate hours of hard work to create a fragrant and nutritious soup base rich in calcium, collagen, and protein.Our commitment to freshness ensures that every ingredient contributes to the delicious flavors you experience in our hotpot.

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